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Adding a Connection on LinkedIn

  • I type LinkedIn into my browser

  • My browser contacts a Domain Name Server (DNS)

  • The DNS then translates it into an IP address of the web server for LinkedIn. 

  • If it doesn't it contacts another DNS server, and this process continues

  • If it does it contacts the Web server and relays packets of data back to my browser

  • My browser then interprates the packets of data and displays the LinkedIn Homepage through HTML code and CSS and potentially some javascript (depending on what is on the page)

  • I then enter my login details through the homepage which which are then which is queried in the back end/server side database of the site using SQL

  • If this is correct i am allowed into my LinkedIn profile page

  • I then click on 'connect' on a person i want to connect with on LinkedIn and a request is sent to the back end database using SQL again using SQL

  • The user recieves a notification i have requested to connect

  • I then wait for the user to accept my invitation 



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