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Adding My Own Personal Touch to the Alphabet

Hello classmates! I'll still try to update from time to time, so here's another white ink on black, using the Nikko G nib.


I've been on a looooong break. I've practiced writing with white gouache on black paper and it's addicting. My nib snags a bit probably because of the coarse paper but I love the results. I'll be doing this more often. :)


Ok, still not gouache, but I'm making Christmas gifts right now. Calligraphy for very special people, and mail swap buddies! I combined calligraphy with simple water-colour painting here for a bike lover. I hope she'll like this! I am working hard to create a consistent style which I am slowly starting to develop. I hope my writing would stay consistent longer.


Another longer quote written along curves. I tried making my letters a tad bigger. This will be a gift this Christmas for a friend who just delivered a baby girl. I'm still writing in black but I'll try with gouache next. Excited!


I am so inspired by the additional resources that Molly provided. I know I still have to work hard on building my own style and I must admit it's way difficult to look unique. I followed the instructions on making your own letters and came up with this.

This is one of my favorite quotes and I struggled with keeping the text organized and readable. What I love about this class is that it pushes me to practice more, and because of practice, I get better at controlling my pen and ink flow. I'm still not very comfortable with flourishing (maybe I'll leave that to the experts for now) but I definitely had fun attempting to bulid my own style! Aside from a floating baseline, I kind of enjoying writing in curves, too.


I'm back to my Brause EF66 nib and back to practicing more flourishes. Somehow I feel that my flourishes were awkward or not enough, or worse, misplaced! So here's an extra swirly one. Still not swirly enough, but I'm working on it!


Lately I've been playing around with my Tombow brush pen and finally able to write readable words with it! I kind of use the same technique as pointed pen calligraphy. Light upstrokes and heavier downstrokes which result to thick lines. It's kind of addictive because I don't have to clean up afterwards! I also like how thick the letters turn out.

Anyway, I came up with this artwork last night to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (which is where I'm originally from).

If you want to check it out, it's on my blog Happy Hands Project. Help me spread the word? All proceeds will be forwarded to the Philippine Red Cross.


Flourishing! My absolute favorite part. I traded the two nibs that I previously used in the lessons for something I'm most familiar with – the Brause EF66. It's super smooth and gives very thick downstrokes. Here are a couple of wonderful quotes from Winnie the Pooh.


Now I'm on to my 2nd set of capitals! I'm also using a different nib now – a Leonardt 300, something I've never used before. It's also smooth and slightly stiff like the Nikko G and never snags on my Rhodia pad. I've used a fair amount of nibs before (I have always been self-taught, which is kinda sad really. I wish I can attend a real class) and the Leonardt 300 is also good for beginners. This 2nd set of capitals are so fun to write. So looking forward to writing with the swashes!


I've realized that is way more difficult to write all the upper case letters! For now I used Molly's as a guide and just wrote the A-M set over and over. I find the I's and J's challenging, and enjoyed the A's and M's best!


This is my first class on Skillshare, and my first-ever calligraphy class. I've always been self-taught, which means that there was no one to critique my work and/or teach me the basics! Halfway into the course, I've realized this class is still so much better than books. There's a shortage of calligraphy classes here in Singapore and online's the next best thing. And it's not bad at all!

Here's a snap of my lower case alphabet. I seriously cannot wait to start on the next lesson!


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