Addictive - student project

Amy makes architectural sketching addictive. I loved her course on door painting, and in this one I felt like reading a very entertaining story. 

There are great tips in the course, and I only wish that weather and current situation will improve so that I can go out and give real urban sketching a try. 

This one is painted from a reference picture which popped up immediately after watching this course, and I just knew it was there for me to paint it.

I used brown ink and I wanted to also do the shadows in brown, but that does not work. I am not very happy with the shadows. 

I love how the walls and the window shades turned out, but mostly how the ochre wall turned out especially on the top floors. I also don't like that i didn't make some shadow to that vine plant, between the door and the window shade. 

Addictive - image 1 - student project

Thank you, Amy for this great course!