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Addicted to inking!

The first time I found the Facebook page of Yuko I immediately fall in love with her works! A great example of something traditional can be amazing. I was a bit 'jealous' to those who have the privillage to be students of Yuko and wished that someday I had a chance to learn from her. So when I read about the classes that Yuko teaches on Skillshare, I didn't want to waste time anymore! And I love her classes! They are very clear, easy to digest and motivating!

I paint with oil colour but inking is totally different from oil painting. I really have to switch the way I see things when I am inking. So here are the results..

9 may 2014

Drawing 1: Fishing dragon

This is my second ink drawing. I used the same reference photo that I once used for my oil painting (see my profile picture). Inking is total different from painting. with some technique adjustments I proceed to the second ink drawing:

Drawing 2: A portrait of a Chinese girl

After inking I wanted to try to work it further on computer. Quickly I gave some halftone effect to see how it looks. This is the result of a few minutes computer work

Update 15 June 2014:

After a few weeks recess I began to ink again. This time I tried to ink more textures. A bear would it be :). It's very difficult to make it, but it's a challenge. I am curious of feedbacks about these ink drawings.

Update 24 june 2014:

The inking training goes on....
I was still not satisfied with my bear, so in the past few days I was busy exercising to draw a portrait of a bear. First I made a quite detailed sketch of a bear and then I applied the inking. The first drawing was not a success. The bear was too much "inked", that it lacked of depth. After the third trial I manage to make the bear looks nice. Here's the result. And up to the next project: the challenging project!

Update 2 july 2014:

I've been busy drawing and inking my bear project. As usual I begin with sketching with pencil and once I am satisfied with the pencil result I continue with inking. I enjoy drawing wild animals as bears, tigers, and lions. After exercising inking some bears I tried to make a drawing of a fight between a tiger and a bear. In this illustration the bear is protecting the girl from the tiger.
I failed to make the first two ink drawings as the inking was too 'heavy'. So I continued making the third one. I am quite satisfied with the third drawing. I also used the 'Chinese white' graphite pencil to draw the whiskers of the tiger. I worked the drawing out on computer as you all can see on the third picture. With this picture I participate on the skillshare contest of Yuko's class. But it doesn't mean that I stop inking, since I think that I am addicted to inking now!

Update 11-14th July 2014

I couldn't stop sketching and inking! It's been awhile that I had this new sketch idea in my head but I couldn't put it on paper straight away since I was busy with other projects. Finally I could make time to make this sketch on Friday 11th. This time I made a family portrait of bears.  " The Bear's family portrait"

Here are the sketches and the inking. I'll be back soon with the digital colored picture:

Detail pencil 1

Detail pencil 2's finished! Here is the result of a few hours computer colouring....

15th July:

Eventhough this is not a new idea anymore, since more people have done it, I would love to start a one year - inking project: 52 weeks "Bear" inking project. Starting this week. You can follow this project on my facebook page or my website (see below).

and...for sure not to forget: Happy Birthday, Yuko! Have a great birthday! Thanks for being YOU!

9th september:

I am still inking! As I am still busy with my 52 weeks bear inking project. This is the drawings that I made on the 4th and 9th week.
Week 4

Week 9

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