Addicted to Gem painting

Addicted to Gem painting - student project

Really enjoyed this class. I was so bad at layering so I barely paint, but through this class I actually realized layering is not as terrifying as I thought!

Addicted to Gem painting - image 1 - student project

At the beginning of the class I was really clueless and thought "UGH! I'm just not made for painting anything other than letters!" As you can see in my first attempt with Ana's warmup practice, it was a disaster.

Addicted to Gem painting - image 2 - student project

However, as we entered the gem stone practice, it suddenly started to make so much sense to me. I was like 'AHHHH' this is what layering feels like!

I practice a little bit more before working on the final project I've chosen to illustrate - a watermelon tourmaline ring:)

Addicted to Gem painting - image 3 - student project

Addicted to Gem painting - image 4 - student project

I know it'll take waaay more practices to be really good at it, but I'm really happy that I seemed to be on the right track! and it's all thanks to Ana, she's an awesome teacher and she'll make you feel like you can paint almost ANYTHING you want:)

Thanks Ana! You rock!

Deborah Tseng
Brush Lettering, Watercolor