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Add a Web Interface with Bottle

As a continuation of the class project I want to add a few things. I'll be using the base class project where it left off at the end of the class and adding the following:

  • Relay interface to be able to turn on AC devices like lights and motors
  • Web interface using the Bottle framework so I can control the hardware remotely

Step 1 - Add Bottle

The first thing we need to do is get the bottle framework installed and working. Then we'll worry about hooking into the hardware pieces. To install bottle I just did:

sudo apt-get install python-bottle

I tried using pip to install bottle but ran into issues on the Raspberry Pi so I recommend using apt-get install instead.

Step 2 - PiHardware Class

To make working with the hardware easier I moved a lot of my class project code into a separate module named and created the PiHardware class which simplifies interacting with the hardware we built in the class project. With the PiHardware class we can do things like this:

Step 3 - Create Server

There are two pieces to adding a web interface to the hardware: server and client. Bottle serves as the server running on the Raspberry Pi so I created a very simple bottle implementation that defines a few routes to allow me to turn the LED on and off and get a temperature reading using the PiHardware class I created in Step 2. These are just simple GET and POST calls.

Step 4 - Create Client App

I created a simple AngularJS application to serve as the client-side piece and styled the whole thing with Twitter Bootstrap. Here's the first working iteration. The live feed view is from the Raspberry Pi Camera module I have connected (more on this later). With this web UI I can turn the LED on and off and get a temperature reading. The graph is just a placeholder for now.

Source Code

It's still very rough and needs some work still but I've posted the code for what I have so far on Github and you can check it out there.

pi_ponics on Github


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