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Adamo Family Crest


Apparently, the Adamo name is already blessed with a family coat of arms. although its legitimacy as established by Internet references could be debated. Lions are fairly common and don't represent anything too special just by the sheer number of arms that bear the animal. Same goes for the stars. But hey! My family is from Texas, it's where I was born, so, guess what?

Yep. Texas stars they will become.

The dilemma:

I don't know my dad's side of the family very well. I suppose I could have chosen my mother's maiden name, but it wasn't my name, so I only just now thought of it. We grew up across a state border from my grandmother and cousins and pretty much everyone bearing that name. Visits were few and far between and not many stories were told. On top of that, my dad'd dad died when he was young, and talking about him was off limits.

The story:

What I do know about my grandmother is this. She was a crazy speed walker and if you turned your back on her in the mall she'd be half a mile away from you before you could call her back. She couldn't bring herself to throw out a newspaper she hadn't read yet, and her backyard was full of bluebonnets, which make an appearance in my laurel. Oh, and what she wanted most for us as kids was that we would learn about computers. Everyime we did talk, she'd ask if I was taking any computer classes. I never did take a formal class, but I feel things worked out OK.

The approach:

I wanted to do a mashup of the crest that did exist, because, hey, who knew? I wanted to keep the color scheme, as well, which is Italian at the same time that it is very Texas. I incorporated one of our few personal memories, as well. I went abroad to live in London for about half a year, and she was very worried that I wouldn't have a proper winter coat. The one I wanted to take was a pink peacoat affair. I thought it was super cute; she thought it would make me stand out like a sore thumb. So, she gave me this long black puffy jacket to see me through the cold rainy days. It was so kind of her. But, I found, when it came time to pack my bags for the trip home, after six months of accumulating stuff in another country, and only two pieces of luggage in which to take everything home... something was going to have to give. In my youthgful carelessness, I left her coat in the closet and flew away without it, thinking she'd never miss it. Only later did I find out she was hoping it would be returned.

Thanks for looking!


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