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Adam Lesniak

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Adam Lesniak - Gig Poster

Hey, great class Jessica!  Thanks for taking the time to put it together.  I learned a couple of handy tricks that will save me some time in future projects, so thanks for that too.

I didn't have any time for this today, but when I saw your videos this morning, I wanted to contribute to thank you for sharing your insight.

I haven't been to a show in a while either so it was fun to put on some heavy music and punch this out.

Here's how I went about it:

I knew if I didn't get this done today, I wouldn't do it.  So... I gave myself a really tight deadline and cut out all the fluffy decision making.

  • It's a metal and hardcore poster so I knew I wanted to do a scream
  • I liked your long layout in the class video so I put the traced screaming image at the bottom
  • I wanted blood red for the main colour
  • I was picturing the band names as the sound waves coming from the mouth
  • I wanted to stick to a style similar to what you put together in the video

No time for sketches today or much refinement.  I just had knock it out.

A tight deadline can be very motivating and sometimes you just have to let it all hang out and deal with the consequences, which of course, is very PUNK ROCK!



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