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Ad Astra Per Aspera

Hello all!

I wanted to quickly jump into the class project since I've been meaning to start for awhile now.


In searching for a meaningful phrase to use, I kept coming back to our state motto "Ad Astra Per Aspera," which translated is "To The Stars Through Difficulties." The motto drove the initial concept and imagery.


I started sketching thumbnails with the idea to make "STARS" the foremost part of the composition and to render it in a script. After Mary-Kate's suggestion of trying a few explores though, I exchanged the script idea with a flaired serif. I thought the serif was a little more fun and fitting with the motto. I might come back to the script idea, since it offers a few more chances at calligraphic flourishes!

The composition started to come together. The crossed arrows became an enclosure for "TO" and "THE," and a rain cloud for "THROUGH DIFFICULTIES." I dropped the idea for star constellations once it became too busy and I simplified the stars to circles.


For the inking I used a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker; however, in the future I'll probably use a Micron pen or something similar. The line work was a little too fat and didn't have the nice detail that Mary Kate's linework has. 

Notice I dropped a letter in the composition. It will come back to haunt me!


I tried a few different colorways using this palette:


For the letter shading, I used some oil crayons and a 2 HB pencil. I'm picking up some 6B and 8B pencils for future projects since the results were so good!

I wasn't impressed with how the oil crayon shading progressed, but I finished the entire lockup. I was pleasantly surprised once I applied the texture in Photoshop, though! The shading added a lot of dimension to the composition.


Here's the first pass with the textures.

I finally noticed I was missing a letter. Thankfully, with everything broken out into layers in Photoshop, editing the composition wasn't nearly as difficult.

Here's where I am right now. I'll probably go back and attempt more shading explores for the word "STARS." Also, the tie between the "arm" of the T and R should probably have more dimension added to it.


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