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Actually, I drew a pirate... (character design session)

I was dragging my feet designing some pirate characters for an upcoming project. I used the theme of the class to get me moving on it. It may seem unoriginal, but I drew a pirate (as suggested in the class). 

I really hate Pinterest, so I guess I never considered using it this way. Interesting! I started myself a new account just for drawing reference. At least one of my pirates is Mongolian (which is only relevent in my head as it didn't make it into the design) and I also went for a modern, or even future/dystopia look. Is that vague? Well, it works with the story these folks will be walking around in. 


I sketched out a couple pirates in my book. The woman has a more interesting look and anyway, she's the more prominent character in the story. I'm looking forward to working more on the guy though as I'm drawing a mini comic featuring him as a teenager as a side thing....


I liked the profile sketch better, I wonder now why I picked the front angle to color? The jacket maybe? Anyway, my shapes in Illustrator: 


And a working shot from Photoshop:


And my final. There's no way she's wearing that coat in my comic. 


The class was great! Thank you!


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