Actually Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

I've always been a fan of a tall glass of ice cold water, but when I'm having a meal or feeling extra thirsty, the first drinks that pop into my mind are the tastiest ones - iced mochas, berry smoothies, hot tea with honey, and maybe the occasional Dr. Pepper. I'll typically have a glass of milk (or two) with my dinner. And while I have nothing against a cool glass of water, it's never on the forefront of my mind.

My goal is to replace all of my meal's drinks with a glass of water, and it shouldn't stop there - the recommended intake of water is 8 glasses a day! It seems like so much when you're only used to drinking 1-3 glasses in a given day, or more when you're active.

To start out on the right foot, I have obtained a nice 24oz water bottle that I really like. Since I prefer my water to be ice cold, I can fill it with ice and carry it around everywhere I go.


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