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Bob Iaconi

A leader looks up to those who look to him



Active Caring | Inspiring Safety Culture through Leadership

In 2000, after 22 years working in the Casino Industry, I decided to resign and venture off into the high paying Mortgage Executive world, and when Lehman filed for bankruptcy in 2006, I became unemployed for next 2 years. That is until a close friend of mine showed me the meaning of Active Caring.

Jump forward to 2008, I invited my friend, who lives in Oklahoma, and  whom I met in 1992 during his annual NFR visit to Las Vegas, to the May wedding of my daughter. "Sure I'll be there; I was looking for an excuse to come to Vegas".

 On the day he was to return to Oklahoma after the wedding, we met for breakfast. And he asked me a question. "Bob, what is wrong? You are not yourself. After all these years I know when something is not right with you, you can't hide it. Is there something I can do to help?"

"I have been out of work for 2 years and haven’t been able to land a job." I replied with my head down. “Is that all? Heck come work with me in the oilfield. Come on out for a week to visit. Check it out, if you don't think it is for you nor don't want to do it, no harm no foul, but at least we get to hang out for a week." he offered.

"Do you really think at 46 years old, I can work in the oilfield?" I asked.

"You can do anything you want to do, you just have to want to do It." he replied.

So off I went. I took a drive half way across country and went to visit. And with the belief that I could do it, he introduced me to the crew that I would be working with and with a passion and carrying that I had not experienced in my entire casino career; the crew welcomed me into the family.

As a result of my rigs active caring about my wellbeing, my passion grew into what it is today. Being an oilfield safety rep. My why, my passion, is to keep my brothers safe and able to return home to their families with all of their fingers, both hands and without a limp, simply by showing them I care.

This is why I am here today.

You see, by the genuine act of caring, by doing the right thing, trust is developed. Lives can be transformed from a negative event into a positive event, by doing something by choice, rather than because it is required.

Working safely is a choice. Doing the right thing is a choice. When you are around people who believe what you believe, trust develops, and the culture will grow. 

Together, we can chose to grow the Culture of Excellence through Safety by actively caring about the people around us. 

A final closing thought, in your daily interactions with people make this choice - Create moments that cause people to feel as if they are better off for having interacted with you.

Thank you...


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