Action script

So, this was a fun little assignment that definitely takes more time than expected. I love comics, and yet its so hard to get it right. 

I started out with the characters. I refused to do another damsel in distress, so I first of all choose the supporting character to be male, and the hero to be a small, yet not less powerfull girl, but since this was only a 1 page project i took the opportunity to play more with shapes and expressions than actual character depth. 

heres some of the character sketches I made before setteling:


For the hero I choose this little girl:


She the princess of some kingdom, complete with puffy dress and girly hairstyle as perscibed little princesses, but with some details of her own liking, the big gloves and the belt. Also the band aid on her cheek suggests a more active personality than her dress. 

For the villain I out some epohasis on a sort if owerdone feeling of richness, with his coat being redicilously big for a skinny kid


I kinda like how he turned out. I think especially in the final comic you can see how the coat gives him almost monstrous shapes, and forces him to put his head forward like a turtle ;)

The supporting character I didnt come up with a final sketch. I decided to make him the young king of the kingdom, not the fiance of the princess ofc, but rather her big brother. lil sis to the rescue! <3 

Here is some of the tumbnail sketches that I made


And here is the final page (sorry for the uneven picture ;) ):


let me know what you think, dont be afraid to point out stuff that you feel is working less well. Actually it would be really nice with some constructive feedback. This is a dificult skill and I really wanna improve, yet it can be so difficult to figure out what you need to change! ^^

Thank you! 


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