Action Script / Fantasy Genre

Action Script / Fantasy Genre - student project

Hellooo! ♥ I'm excited about this class because there is so much I need to work on - angles, panels, polishing the line art, making my characters continue to look the same in each shot, etc. Here is a quick sketch of the three characters I will be using for this project. I will probably edit and redraw them later. (The genre is fantasy, but of course! :P)

Action Script / Fantasy Genre - image 1 - student project

Here is my really messy rough draft. I went with the action script and ended up doing eight panels instead of six or seven. I may delete the first panel because it's looking pretty crowded... I may also flip everything horizontally so that the Protagonist is pushing the Antagonist out the window towards the right because it might flow better for a comic read from left to right... Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ♥

Action Script / Fantasy Genre - image 2 - student project