Josh Harkey

Artist @ Stay Gold Media



Action Bronson Gig Poster


I will be designing a poster for Action Bronson. 

Project Details:

  • Action Bronson 
  • 18 x 24 inches
  • 5-6 colors                                  


1st drawing.

This is my 2nd sketch. I have decided to continue on with this concept. I can see the finished piece inside my head and to me that is very important.  In the end I see a BMW E30 parked outside, in front of this restaurant building, an old fashioned billboard on top of the building that reads action bronson.


Below is the building progress so far. Still in the very beginning stage. Nothing is set in stone. 

Below is another progress screenshot. The building/restaurant will be titled "Kabob King". The connection is from a song lyric of his. 

Below is another update on the building. The colors are not final. There will be a good amount of texture added as well. 


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