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Acting Up - 5th Draft & Done!


1.) Selection - Winesburg, Ohio

I chose a couple of characters from Winesburg, Ohio to help paint my characters in "Acting Up" and the passage I want to reference is the old man who is writing "The Book of the Grotesque" and how all men get jaded following their own truths.  I thought this would translate wonderfully to the profession of acting.  I picked up story after the character George Willard left his hometown to go out into the world.  His co-star in this script is based off of Louise Tunnion's character from the section "Nobody Knows" which details one of George's random sexual encounters with what seems to be the town harlot.

2.) The Script

Draft # 5 HERE (Uploaded July 22nd) *FINAL*

Draft #4 HERE (Uploaded July 19th)

Draft #3 HERE (Uploaded July 16th)

Draft #2 HERE (Uploaded July 10th)

Draft #1 HERE (Uploaded July 3rd)

3.) Logline

The best actor in Hollywood gets dethroned when a small-town girl from his past challenges him in a method-acting war for the ages, finally helping him to get the part he never knew he always wanted, a man loved unconditionally.

Writer's Note: Just did a major re-edit as it was pointed out that not enough of Lulu was put into the script to make her the main character. Hope this reads better now and creates more interesting action between the two main characters, Lulu and George. Hope you like it!


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