Act on your Want

Act on your Want - student project

So I was listening to an episode on the Perspective-Collective podcast, and Scotty Russell kept saying this. It got stuck in my head so I thought if I did this it would go away....I was wrong :D
So here is my process.

First I did everything in pencil and than used a fine line marker.

Act on your Want - image 1 - student project

I scanned my work and placed it in Photoshop and removed the background.

Act on your Want - image 2 - student project

I added stripes which I did on a tracing paper because I was not sure if it would look good.
Also I was not happy with how the middle part was looking so I played VERY CAREFULLY with liquify effect in Photoshop and got this.

Act on your Want - image 3 - student projectI used my own mock up.

Act on your Want - image 4 - student project

Added Color in Photoshop and my signature.
This is the finished product :D

Act on your Want - image 5 - student project

If you have any Comment or constructive criticism, feel free to comment :D