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Act Now

This class has been around for a few, and I had enrolled when it first opened, but only now did the inspiration for a poster show up. It's not to say that I didn't have emotions or feelings that I felt would be best represented on an 18 x 24" sheet of paper, but the frustration of the past few weeks were enough that I spent this Sunday morning experimenting with a phrase and blowing it out into a finished piece.

'Speak now or forever hold your peace' is an antiquated phrase used at weddings. It's meant to allow anyone that may have reason to disrupt the ceremony, process their love for the bride or groom, and make like Dustin Hoffman in the graduate. 'Holding your peace' means to keep quiet, to remain complacent and/or stagnant.

However, I thought I could make a slight turn of the phrase and make it something more. Speaking can only do so much, it's when action comes into play that things get messy.

'Act Now or Forever Hold Your Peace' is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek'er for those armchair protesters. The social justice warriors who tweet more than speak. This is a call-out. A reminder that actions do, in fact, speak much louder than words.


Thankfully I've already got a shoebox full of weapons at the ready. My favourite are the chunky sharpie paint markers that I've abused over the last few months. I don't attack them the way James does in his video; I simply use them to death. 

You can see the preliminary sketches below as I figure out the overall style and composition of the piece.


Nothing too exciting, but the paint marker started to inhibit me a little. Something didn't feel right. It needed more oompf, more life, more grittiness. After an hour of trying to make the marker work, I threw it down, took a walk, and came back with some new tools.

I grabbed some pencils of various weights. Ended up settling on a thick-as-fuck 6B Staedtler. It gave me a new approach to the composition and how the letters fit together. After a few false starts, I churned out this piece:


(for the record, not sure why they're coming in sideways, but no matter)

With a little bit of clean up (read as: scanning, bringing into photoshop and turning it into an actual print piece) - this should be good to go.


And with some editing, and some nice textures that my scanner brought into play, here's the final piece:



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