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Act Learn Lead

This is a project about an exciting new! I've been tinkering away in my labratory for 35 years and I'm ready to unveil my latest leadership and organizational development tools. We are living in a post-modern, post-positivist world and yet most "profesisonals" and "experts" keep babbling on with the same old conventional wisdom. I bring a truly integral perspective that transcends and includes a mulitude of perspectives which escape 99% of the people out there. How am I able to do this? Well, I bring a unique blend of research, reflection, and common sense to the world of transformation. I have my Masters in Divinity from Harvard, a doctorate in Human and Organizational Studies, and a long list of client experiences that have proven what we already know - things have got to change. The current model of employee development and organizational transformation isn't working. It's time for a wake up call and I am the alarm. 


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