Act 1



Hook: Parhon helps Johnathon from being bullied, starting their friendship.

. Parhon wakes up from a bad dream of his past.

. Shaky from his dream and not having his days first drink. Parhon climes out of is lean-too.

. As he steps out of the alley he sees a little boy who looks to be about 8 or 9 juggling a rock with his feet.

. He greets Davison as he walks into the Pub for his first drink Davison is poring him.

. Halfway through his beer Parhon hears a ruckus outside and gets up to investigate.

. As he steps onto the street he see that little boy being jumped and he steps in to help.

. The boy thanks Parhon and enter doses his-self as Johnathon.

Backstory: Parhon opens up to Davison a little more and a little to Michelle.

. Parhon go’s back his drink feeling good.

. Davison notices his change and says something about.

. Minutes later an attractive strawberry blond walks into the Pub and tells him her name is Michelle, Johnathon's mom.

. After talking for a bit Michelle invites him over for diner.

. After she leaves Davison smiles and says something that gets Parhon to open up and tell him things he’s never told anyone.

. After diner Johnathon go’s to bed Parhon and Michelle sit up talking and getting to know each other

. Parhon is supersized at how much he opened up to Michelle and didn’t scare her.

Trigger: The mention over the Crown brings Parhon’s past rushing back.

. After that night the 3 spent a lot of time together almost like a family.

. Parhon had cut back on his drinking only drinking enough to keep the shakes at bay.

. Not everyday where good days and on his bad days he stayed away from his new family.

. One of those bad days he stayed in his cave and late that night Michelle came looking for Johnathon.

. They head back to the village and find-out from one of the village guards that the Crown had been seen round the village.

. After hearing this tears feel Parhon as flash back of being beat, starved and rapped wash over him.