Act 1 structure



  • Franco gets a call from his employer saying they need him that day
  • The mafia has been using him for some errands because he has the ability of teleportation
  • He accepts the job against his better judgment since it involves breaking into the President’s office and getting something
  • Franco does the job but gets busted by an outsider


  • Franco came home one night when he was 9 and found both his parents’ dead bodies in their kitchen
  • After that he went t live with his uncle who kicked him out when he was 15 because of some differences
  • Franco doesn’t believe love or friendship exist because every time he got comfortable around someone something happened and he was left alone once again
  • He is working for the mafia group that killed his parents to avenge them from the inside


  • He finds out that whoever killed his parents was someone who his father really appreciated and considered a close friend in his work environment