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Zareena Ariffin

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Acrylic Study


For this project, I'm choosing these theme

  • New start
  • Love

For research, I've listened to NPR podcast about Wassily Kandinsky work. I think it is interesting that he didn't like Pablo Picasso's works when most people think his works got Pablo Picasso influence. He just don't underrstand it. And the way he using colour because the colour sing to him is intereting too. It makes me wanted to get into his world.

And for more inspiration, I found other works that interest me.

Piet Mondrian


Mark Rothko


Ad Reinhardt


Here is my few sketches I made for the project using oil pastel.


This is my first ever sketched book. Since I'm still new and raw in painting, I just study the circle first. I've been thinking to use orange and red for my composition. While doing this sketches, I think Nicole is right, there is some point I have to stop or I'll ruin the pieces. It was so much fun doing this.


I'm still stuck with the back ground. 


The circle is on. It was so much fun to work with acrylic. Final step is to put the personal touch. I've thinking to put a love image in the middle of the circle.

The inspiration for love image is from the work I do for my Design1o1 course on that I uploaded on my instagram here,

Here are the image



I've been thinking to just stop here with just the love. But then I read Nicole comment about the spatter. Maybe I should add it so it add more depth to this painting. I'll tried it tonight.

Final note: I think I'll just stick with just this composition. I'll tried different effect next time. Really having fun doing something new.


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