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It took me a while to figure out whether i should choose a big name brand for this project/class or if I should pick my start up brand.  After reading the first few slides of the first lesson, I felt like I should use this class to learn and try to improve my T-shirt brand by trying to make a graphic that will cause people to take notice and also to attract new customers.  I know this is only a 4-week class but I am excited to make a Cool T-shirt!


The term "Acrostic" originated from J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, but Acrostic is a small T-shirt brand that has a Los Angeles theme to.  I have centered most of my designs based on the typography of the word Acrostic with a little flare.  

With every design, I have asked friends, family members and fans about their opinions regarding the finalization of the shirts. So for our "Acrosticpus" shirt our origianal design was this... 

But with serious consideration and thinking, we finally printed this bad boy. 

Every design I have printed in the past had limitations on colors and sizing due to production costs, so when designing items I always kept that in mind.  

Here is Acrostic's Spring line: A Los Angeles Themed shirt and a Faux Pocket Tee.  


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