Acrade Management

I will hopefully be able to apply Ruby on Rails to a programming concept that I want to see realized.  It's part organizer, part time keeper, and part digital reward for actions done in real life.  Though there are similar programs out there such as the workout program where it tracks how far you run in real life and in this game you're running away from zombie's ... running in real life gets you action points of some kind which then gives you rewards and stuff in game and helps you get to an in game destination etc...

I want to eventually create my own game that uses real life data as an energy/action point making system.  I've been wanting a digital motivator that is specifically focused so that I feel like I achieved something when the task is rather menial and I just feel tired after completing it.  I want what I do in the real world to have an interesting effect in a digital one.  I want more meaning and reinforcement in a controlled environment so that I don't get heavily distracted when I take a break. 

So that's what I'm going to be working on.

The beginning will involve simple organizer/calander/time keeping...  along with loops for doing more activities, getting rewards/self-checking.  That should all easily be do-able in something like python, but I want to do it in a web-app so that I can run it regardless of machine type.  The simple beginning version is pretty simple in requirements and so is a perfect project for me while learning Ruby on Rails. 

Later this will be integrated into some kind of game I will likely type out in Ruby, so that I can learn Ruby while having it communicate with Ruby on Rails or other web app stuff.  I would like to understand how to harness hardware from things like a smartphone's pedometer so that when I go on a walk for exercise I can get points via a step reward instead of a time based reward.  Time is better for sprinting for instance, but long distance walking would be easier to deal with step counting. 

Finally...  though it has nothing to do with this class in particular, I want to learn a little bit more about how to get software and hardware to talk so that I can understand how a display screen such as an OLED flexible, reads my code.  I want to get to the point where if sent just the screen with some connection cables or something, I could get a simple flashdrive pc or other device to be able to safely work with that display screen for some homebrew hardware development.  Maybe make my own cellphone or something.  Or a dedicated device for this Arcade Manager.


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