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Brandon Johnson




Acquired Taste Clothing

Back from the last class!!  Acquired Taste is a sneakerwear brand with hopes to venture into cut n sew and become a solid brand similiar to the likes of Staple and 10 Deep.  The brand is out of the Bay Area, so I highly encoutage any local brands to reach out.  I'm always down to have a meeting of minds with other creatives.  

Here is an example of what was done since the last class...

Got the webstore opened and the back office on point, now I just need to hustle up some business!!  For my next set of designs, I'm still keeping t simple.  Starting with a statement that can be shared by many...

Feel free to add or follow the brand online!  Networking with you guys will be great.





I'll update the project soon, just wanted to post something for now.  Hit me up whenever, any/all feedback is always welcomed!


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