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Dave Kilsheimer

Product Manager at Outbrain




Customer Scenario

People who attend conferences don't always get as much benefit as they could if they were to leverage the opportunity to network and make connections with other attendees. For some, this is due to shyness or a lack of networking skills. Conference organizers also have a vested interest in attendees having the best and most productive time possible to ensure repeat business.

Problem Hypothesis

People attending large group events need a means of meeting other people in a structured and fun way that helps them to build relationships and network.

Customer Segments

  • Any attendee of a large group event (SXSW, CES, Macworld, LeanUX NYC 2014)
  • Conference organizers who are looking to increase satisfaction and engagement in their attendees

Solution Hypothesis

If users had an app that helped them to meet other attendees, break the ice and start meaningful conversations, they would have a more fulfilling and productive time at an event.

Assumptions about Users

  • Not all users are natural networkers
  • Users have mobile devices
  • Users have relatively complete social profiles that they will authorize for profile-building
  • Conference organizers see attendee interaction as a problem

Riskiest Assumption

  • People need external motivation/stimulus to prompt them to interact with others at a conference

Assumption Validation

  • Landing page w/ sign-up
    This will be a successful MVP if 10 or more people sign up

  • Questionnaire in landing page or email
    Will use either Google Form or SurveyMonkey

    This will validate the project depending on the number of responses and the content contained therein (>= 60%)

MVP - Email-based Concierge test

Actually model the service via email.

  • Procure small, co-located group of at least 6-10 participants (ideally from sign-ups)
  • Connect with each on LinkedIn/FB/Twitter
  • Map basic commonalities and form 1-2 meeting groups
  • Send formatted email w/ name, photo and relevant social links to each member of group as well as defined meeting place/time and instructions
    • Participants asked to meet at designated place/time and chat w/ others or perform a group task (scavenger hunt? challenge/event?)
    • Participants asked to "check-in" by learning a pass phrase or taking a picture w/ group
    • Check-in emailed back to gain credit, earns points/tokens which can be redeemed for beer/drinks/etc
  • Follow up w/ interviews or secondary survey

Success Criteria

This will be a successful MVP if a majority of the participants actually check-in and by their feedback.


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