Achievable Goals

Long-Term Goal

  • Better body composition, lose 5% body fat

To achieve the long term goal, here are my todo list

  • Measurements:
    (1) do body measurement once a week, and record them
    (2) record daily progress in exercise in a spreadsheet
    (3) run statistics and graphs on the progress of the fitness log and on the change in body composition once a month
  • Food intake:
    (1) Cook at home as much as possible
    (2) Plan meals


Short-Term Goal (2013)

  • Receive "I Seem to be Lost" Achievement (Run 20 miles (32.2 km) in your lifetime)
  • Receive "Hands Up High (Dumbbell)" Achievement (Perform standing dumbbell shoulder press for at least 0.18x bodyweight)
  • Receive "Let's Get Outta Here" Achievement (Cycle 100 km (62 mi) in your lifetime)
  • Receive "I Hang Around Here Sometimes" Achievement (Post 500 comments)
  • Take the stairs whenever I can -- The first two weeks in January 2013, I walked in total of 170 floors (round trip). Definitely keep it going!


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