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Ace of Spades!!!

Hi Patrick and class members

I'm Nick, and I draw in my spare time. I have a degree in Animation, and have completed a few freelance jobs since graduating, but nothing consistent. I would love to become a professional artist one day, but I'm happy drawing for fun, learning new skills and techniques. I've been a fan of your art for awhile now Patrick, and I'm looking forward to seeing what things you can teach us.

My DeviantArt page

My Online Portfolio

Anyway, my plan for this project is to finally draw Gambit from the X-men, as he's quite an agile and fast character, so I should be able to find a good dynamic pose for him.

I'll be coming out of my comfort zone, as I've got into the habit of drawing women, and not many men, and these women tend to be in pin up poses. My drawings have become quite static, and I need to be fluid with the sketching again, and bring some life to my illustrations.

Below is my first attempt at action gestures. These were all drawn from reference...

After these were completed, I decided to try and draw a more complicated illustration, referencing the below photgraph.

For some reason, I drew Spiderman in this compromising position


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