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"Accustomed to Tragedy" is a short suspense film

Logline: A woman who becomes immune to tragedy gets involved with its inevitability.

I chose to adapt a story from "The Pastures of Heaven" by John Steinbeck. The story of Helen Van Deventer (chapter 5) really appeals to me because it has such readily available elements of suspense and leaves questions unanswered (somewhat). 

You can read this screenplay by going to: 

http://theshortandtallofitall.wordpress.com/screenwriting/     and clicking on the link there, titled: Franco Screenplay

Okay, based on comments from my classmates I have revised the screenplay to include the following changes:

  1. Made more decisive choices as to the setting and period, but left it vague enough to allow for a range of budget options.
  2. Homogenized the language of the characters, removing all modern colloquialisms.
  3. Expanded the role of the coroner to sheriff to assuage questions about his authority to investigate his suicide verdict.
  4. Cut excess dialogue that repeated information from other scenes.
  5. Removed a second car to allow the possibility of landing only one period car to the piece, should the budget allow it.

So here it is, enjoy:



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