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Accused for Good

We're going to create a story primarily from Doctor Meyers and Mrs. Myers (pp. 22) because we're enthralled with the concept of a man trying to do right, being punished for it and then going to his grave without vindication. That is dark and scary.

Logline: Pending.

Concept: In a treacherous small town, a good man is punished for his good acts.

Story Summary:

The story opens with Dr. Meyers entering court. He is being prosecuted for the murder of his patient, Minerva, the poetess. He protests his innocence. Dr. Meyers is unable to afford a defense lawyer because he attends mostly patients of little means. He will defend himself only with the truth.

The judge is a man who cares not for what is right but for the technicalities of the law. He is vain and identifies with his power.

The prosecutor is a corrupt man who uses the law to enrich himself at the cost of the poor.

At the middle of the story, Dr. Meyers is offered a plea deal because a vocal segment of the town have rallied to support him. He can admit guilt and get off without punishment. He refuses the plea deal because, he says, it would require that he lie.

At the beginning of the end of the story, Dr. Meyers is found guilty. He will no longer be allowed to practice medicine but there is no jail time. He gets drunk and happens upon another drunk man shooting the town marshal. The other man runs away and Dr. Meyers attends to the marshal. He is unable to save him and is, again, blamed and indicted. The accusation is that he caused the marshal's death.

The ending is to be determined.

Based on:

Mrs. Myers and Doctor Meyers  (pp. 22)

He protested all his life long

The newspapers lied about him villainously;

That he was not at fault for Minerva’s fall,

But only tried to help her.

Poor soul so sunk in sin he could not see

That even trying to help her, as he called it,

He had broken the law human and divine.

Passers by, an ancient admonition to you:

If your ways would be ways of pleasantness,

And all your pathways peace,

Love God and keep his commandments.

We're also going to work in some elements from other poems, such as Circuit Judge (pp. 43), The Town Marshal (pp. 30), John M. Church (pp. 48) and Penniwit, the Artist (pp. 58).

About: My 8-year-old son Clark and I (George Donnelly) are partnering on this. More info about me at Reach me at [email protected]

This is going to be a lot of fun and we're looking forward to your feedback and ideas!


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