Accomplishing Great Things in 2017

Last year I had lots of goals and projects that I wanted to accomplish.  Hardly any of them got done.  After listening to your productivity class I was really encouraged.  I built a framework so that each day has a different theme.  I put it into Google Calendar (as you suggested) and made a separate colored theme for each day.

Then I created a goal notebook in Evernote.  Within that notebook, each of my various goals has a note.  Each note/goal then has "next action" things that need to be done to accomplish the goal or project one bite at a time.  Each of these items has a check mark box and I mark each thing off as it gets done. I don't try to write down every single thing that will need doing.  I just write 1 or 2 "next action" items. This keeps it from becoming overwhelming.

I set this up right after I listened to your class.  I have been "working my plan" now for a little over a week.  I can't believe how much I've accomplished already!!  It's been amazing.  I just work on a different goal each theme day.  (Some of the days have more than 1 thing I'm working on.)

A few of the things I want to do this year are:  write my first book, finish at least 6 specific quilt projects, clean and organize my office (a HUGE mess in every way), and complete some family history research that I have needed to do for a long time.

I have already made progress in all of these areas because of the themed days.  I am thrilled!!

I also purchased an app called "Habits List."  I have listed things I want to do each day in order to build some good habits and keep them.  So far, this has helped a LOT!  I get reminded to do things and then I can check them off as I complete them each day.  It's a great app.

I also spend a few minutes each morning reviewing my goals and the "next action" items for the day.  I plan to continue this each day/week for great results.

Thank you!

Note:  The numbers next to each item refer to the goal/project # in Evernote.


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