Acceptance - student project

First Draft:

Veronica was tired of being the dutiful wife, the loving daughter and the hard-working associate. She no longer recognized herself. So scared or disappointing or upsetting someone. Terrified of failing she moved from day to day in fear and self-loathing. Stuck in a dead-end job, in a childless passionless marriage her life was one depressing day after another. But as she stood at the entryway to the club one thought was running through her mind. This was not who she was, she was not a cheater, she was a good girl. Until Now.


Plot Sentence:

Veronica joins a secret society that promises to fulfill her darkest fantasies in order to save her marriage and begin to live her life again.



Veronica must learn to give over control to her deepest darkest fantasies in order to accept the tragedies in her life and move forward.


Plot and Summary:

Veronica suffering under the weight of her dead-end job and passionless marriage takes the advice of her therapist and joins a secret society for women who are suppressed in their everyday lives. Seeking relief from the constant torture of self-doubt and fear, Veronica gives over control of every aspect of her life and learns that her desires go deeper than she ever imagined and that she can have it all if she can just let go.