Jennifer Gargarello

Library Student & Volunteer




This project, like myself is a work in progress/process. Following is my imitation of Sylvia Plath's "Barren Woman."

Barren Woman

By Sylvia Plath


Empty, I echo to the least footfall,

Museum without statues, grand with pillars, porticoes, rotundas.

In my courtyard a fountain leaps and sinks back into itself,

Nun-hearted and blind to the world. Marble lilies

Exhale their pallor like scent.

I imagine myself with a great public,

Mother of a white Nike and several bald-eyed Apollos.

Instead, the dead injure me with attentions, and nothing can happen.

The moon lays a hand on my forehead,

Blank-faced and mum as a nurse.


By Jenny Gargarello


Complete, I resound the postman’s knock,

Library replete with books, rich with knick-knacks,

framed photo’s, sweet smelling flowers.

In my garden a fountain flows and splashes

out to the sky,

Full-hearted and eyes wide open. Scented tulips

Inhale their welcome sun again.

I am dreaming others with a lesser fate,

Mother of a gray ghost and many blonde haired figments of imagination; but these are just dreams

After all, the living die as easily, yet

what still exists?

The sun shines its heart onto mine,

Rosy-cheeked and innocent like a child.




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