Abstract watercolours

Abstract watercolours - student project

I'm still really new to watercolours and this class was really helpful in that it allowed me to just play and try things without the end result needing to look like a certain thing.


Abstract watercolours - image 1 - student project

This one is my unplanned, freeform attempt, and honestly, I'm not so happy with it. I found it really hard to keep an eye on the overall composition while working on the different elements and they just don't really hang together. I think maybe I was trying to imitate Marie-Noëlle's process a bit too closely. 

I did like the colour of the grass at the bottom and took some of the green and orange goodness into the next painting as you'll see.

This doesn't mean I won't try freeform abstract painting again. The dotty painting at the top wasn't planned and I'm pretty happy with that.

So, on to doing some thumbnails.Abstract watercolours - image 2 - student project

It was "Composition" week so I'd been watching some stuff on the rule of thirds and positive and negative space, so these thumbnails are just me playing with those ideas. I kinda liked the shape in the middle row on the left, and I thought it might be a good basis on which to build my planned abstract painting.

Abstract watercolours - image 3 - student project

So in my sketchbook, I drew four bigger thumbnails (and rubbed out the first one because it was blah), first in pencil and then with some different colour combinations. I liked giving it a little mouth, and then I shifted the whole thing onto the diagonal and things really got exciting. XP

Abstract watercolours - image 4 - student projectI'm pretty pleased with this, although the flames coming off the ball weren't quite what I wanted. Brushes are not fineliners, and what worked in the sketch didn't work as well here. I was also wondering about the edges of the shape, and thought doing it wet in wet and making the whole thing a bit washed out and dreamy would also be interesting. 

Of course, once you have your paints mixed up you might as well do another one.

Abstract watercolours - image 5 - student project

The second omega snake is much more watery and he doesn't have stripes. I love the flames on this one, and the fact that it's a very different feel even with the same shape and colours.

All it all, I enjoyed this class, I learned a bunch and it's always wonderful to hang out with Marie-Noëlle. Thank you and hope to see you soon. <3