Abstract watercolours: planned vs. improvised

Abstract watercolours: planned vs. improvised - student project

Thank you for the class, Marie-Noelle! It was super inspiring, and it opened up a whole new area that I would love to explore! Before this class I haven’t even considered watercolours for painting in abstract style. 

The first painting that I posted in the header was improvised, I chose three main colours in advance, but the shapes started coming in as I was looking at the paper.

The second painting with pink, yellow-orange and grey shapes was planned. I chose the colours, I thought my idea through and was carefully planning the arrangement of the shapes. 

The third painting with fuchsia and green circles came to me as an idea with all the shapes and colours in one moment. I saved it as a procreate sketch, and then after a few days I finally got to painting. And I haven’t changed anything in that initial idea. 

I think I prefer the improvised style, with pre-planned colours and may be a very basic plan for the composition. But what I love the most is to start the shapes on the paper and let paint flow anywhere it wants. 

Definitely had lots of fun creating these paintings, and from now on will regulary allocate time for abstract watercolour painting!

Abstract watercolours: planned vs. improvised - image 1 - student projectAbstract watercolours: planned vs. improvised - image 2 - student project