Abstract watercolour

Abstract watercolour - student project

I’m not much of an abstract artist. Here is my unplanned free form painting..... ugh!  Ugly!!  Hopefully my planned abstract will be better!!  Abstract watercolour - image 1 - student project
planned abstract - 

I really enjoyed this project. First I did 15 different thumbnails to decide which design I preferred - yes 15 and this is the design I chose….you can only imagine what those other 14 designs looked like…

I am very happy with the outcome - the finished project isn’t exactly what I had planned, but this is where the original design led me.  I mixed my watercolours and had 3 mixed colours as my main colours - the pinky purple, the green apple green, and the purple of the blob ( it is a different purple than the other purples - not even the same colours mixed!). I did add some lowlights and highlights using some pure pigment and my background colour was too stark if I left it just white, so I took a navy and really watered it down. I dried my project between designs and elements. Btw, my dog hates the hairdryer - she snarls and growls at it!

Abstract watercolour - image 2 - student project

Kerry Ford
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