Abstract watercolor projects

Abstract watercolor projects - student project

So I love abstract and watercolors.... I love to drop colors in water and see what happens to them. In this exercise though, I tried my hand and making shapes with a limited palette.


At one point, I turned my page and I saw a bird, so I went with it! And them drew him a little friend. That was fun....


Abstract watercolor projects - image 1 - student project


I did try it again, but ended with a weird octopus thing I did not like, so I experimented with ink on top of it.... I might try to do something else with it at some point. 


Abstract watercolor projects - image 2 - student project


So to end the evening, I went back to just making colors and water and mixing... these will make a nice background. And I will try to incorporate them into a nice planned abstract exercise. I will post updates if I managed to do this! 


Abstract watercolor projects - image 3 - student project


Abstract watercolor projects - image 4 - student project


I realise Im ok with with abstract while doing anything not very thoughtful. But when I think, or incorporate shapes, my rational brain takes over.


Thank you Marie-Noëlle for this class. I am not finished with it and will come back to it. It made me feel very vulnerable, which in art I read is a good thing and will make me grow.... Hopefully!



Stephanie Rault
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