Abstract practice

Abstract practice - student project

Abstract practice - image 1 - student project

Abstract 1: I seemed to have some trouble working any wet onto wet for this one, so I ended up with more color blocking rather than one color blending into another. I did like the use of more muted and earthy tones


Abstract practice - image 2 - student project

Abstract 2: Tried to blend my colors a bit more in spots. I feel I loose quite a bit of vibrancy and end up a little muddy.


Abstract practice - image 3 - student project Abstract 3: I really liked how the sort of smokeyness that resulted in this one.


Abstract practice - image 4 - student project


Abstract 4: This one probably veered more into impressionist. I've gotten a bit muddy in areas, but do like the effect of how the pigments and water ran down to form the trunks of my trees.