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Abstract painting with thistle in silverleaft

This was my first experience building multiple layers of color for an abstract background.  Along with other students in my class, we started with multiple canvases and worked on them alternatively.

Just adding color to a canvas at the beginning can be challenging, but I started with crimson red and titaniunium white.

The second layer had blues and purples that added more visual interest.  Experimenting with scratching thru the layers was really just freeform expression of marking.

To form the thistle leaves I traced the outline from a photograph and transfered the outline to the canvas using white tracing paper.  Adhesive was painted inside the outline, left to become tacking for a few minutes, then the silverleaf was placed on the surface of the adhesive.  Excess material was swept away with a dry brush.

I wanted to add something three dimensional to the surface so I created two round objects out of found materials and placed them on with gel medium and finished the piece.


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