Abstract digital art

Mimi I loved your class! Am a surface pattern designer and I usually create my art the traditional way and then digitize them. I always wanted to learn digital art and thought it not just my cup of tea ! Thanks to you, it didn't seem that daunting and your class was very much beginner friendly ! I cant wait to explore more! :)

Here's a picture of an abstract art I made using gouache medium. I used this image as my reference and used a chalky textured brush to recreate it on Photoshop.


                                                            My Original Gouache Art



                                                                   Digitized version 26747237


Since I do not have a Ipad, I recorded my process and did a small time lapse video of it. It was fun!! Sadly the file size of the recording is too big to upload here. Looking forward doing more of digital art.

Thank you so much Mimi.


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