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Abstract art class with a twist: Personalize a modern masterpiece

Hi, all,

Since November 2015, I've published 4 classes on Skillshare, all centered on abstract art.  The Kandinsky class was my first. 

Here's the current line-up:

Abstract Art with a Twist:  Kandinsky

Abstract Art with a Twist:  Mondrian 

Both of these classes last a little less than 25 minutes.

Abstract Elements:  MIRO

and finally,

Abstract Elements: Klee.

The latter 2 classes last around 15 minutes each.

I'm now finding out the power of repeat teaching to increase enrollments over all classes.  I still use social media to promote the classes.  I also use my blog to promote classes, workshops, and student works and am doing some in-person teaching, so word of mouth is kicking in.

I love the Skillshare community and welcome your feedback.  Thanks to all the other teachers there for your support and encouragement.



I have published one class so far, and I hope to publish another class later this year.  Right now, I'm getting ready to host a workshop the second half of February.  (So, any workshop tips -- please send my way.)

My class introduces participants to the father of modern art, Kandinsky.  We study his work, create a Kandinsky-inspired piece, and add a personal stamp to it.

I'd love to get more projects, and I'm hoping this will happen during my workshop.

Check out the class here.  

I've done the initial merchandising steps recommended by Skillshare and have included the class links prominently on my art blog and website.  


One thing I didn't have coming into Skillshare was a large following.  Even though I write a blog, I don't have an email list, etc.  (I own a non-artsy company and I work full-time at another non-artsy job, so I do not teach full-time.)  I missed teaching art so much -- that's why I started doing it through Skillshare.

So, I appreciate any tips from others or Megan and Skillshare about gaining momentum!

I use FB, LinkedIn (yes, believe it or not!), Twitter and Instagram to promote my class.  Here's an example below:


Here's a marketing email:



Thanks so much!  I love the Skillshare community.


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