Abstract Watercolors

Abstract Watercolors - student project

Abstract painting is quite a challenge for me and way out of my comfort zone but Marie-Noëlle did a fantastic job in explaining all the steps and in engaging to just try it!

I started with the free form and I just improvised. There was even an accident, where I wanted to make a thin line as detail but didn't wait till it was dry enough and it bleeded into the other color. But instead of trying to fix it I just turned it into something else. And I really like this part of the painting now. It was just nice to not focus on the outcome and to just trust the process. 


Abstract Watercolors - image 1 - student project


The next painting is the planned process. I loved to try out a couple of thumbnails, this is a great idea in general! Thanks for the class Marie-Noëlle, was really fun to try out abstract watercolors!


Abstract Watercolors - image 2 - student project


Abstract Watercolors - image 3 - student project