Abstract Watercolor

Abstract Watercolor - image 1 - student projectThis was the free form painting it was very relaxing to make. The colours kind of ended up reminding me of a dated 80's ocean themed bathroom with the pink fixtures though.

Abstract Watercolor - image 2 - student projectI was at kind of a loss for what to do for the planned piece and was just staring at the blank paper with pencil in hand so I opened up one of the nature books I have for just such an occasion and started drawing the patterns I seen. I ended up being really drawn to some mud wasp nests on branches and used that as my inspiration. The little sketches are in the top right corner.

Abstract Watercolor - image 3 - student projectHere is my finished painting I'm not in love with it but it was still a lot of fun. I was experimenting with different ways to add depth. It just didn't look finished in watercolour alone so I decided to add a few details here and there with a uni-ball pen in a bright blue colour cause why not. I had a little accident were I smudged the paint at one point whoops. Even though I'm not over the moon with how this turned out it was a useful exercise and a good change to experiment with some new concepts so it was well worth it. I was tempted to mess around more until I "made it work" but decided I was finished and wanted to take what I learned and move on to something else,sometimes you just gotta move on.