Abstract Poetry Outline: Crazy summer day of 2016

Abstract Poetry Outline: Crazy summer day of 2016 - student project



Living in Las Vegas Nevada for about 8 years I've experienced some pretty

fun, bizarre and adventurous events in all the time I spent there but one day

in particular stuck out to me most, the day a random college party strolled to

my friends and I at a park. My two best friends Evan & Eli were playing

football in this huge park with three other friends of names I don't remember

but once we finished our long game of football we decided to leave, our 3

other friends left and it was just Evan, Eli and I.

Then a flock of partying college kids stroll up to the park past us and one of

the girls from the group asked us if we wanted to join them and we did.





Loud music, Dancing and a couple of drinks later we ended up getting asked

to go to an after party the college kids were hosting and at that moment we

definitely weren't turning that offer down we were having too much fun to

call it a night so she gave us the address and ended up taking a drive over.

Watermelon Jello shots, happy birthday songs, dancing and laughter rang

through the night until the random party/adventure was all over.






After the party had finished and Evan and Eli went home after dropping me

off drunk as all hell I reflected on what happened throughout what happened

the whole day. Naturally back in 2016 I was introverted so social gatherings

wasn't really my thing but I was starting to come out of my shell after this

day, it really started my development as a person and I was happier for it.

But when it was all said and done I reflected on the fact that the football

game today was just build up for the unexpected festivities ahead and is

most definitely going to be a night to remember as I lay my swimming head

on my soft pillow.