Abstract Murphy's Law Warm-Up

Abstract Murphy's Law Warm-Up - student project

This class was a lot of fun. Something new, something mindless, intuitive, messy, relaxing, abstract, and yet, still the project contributed to my precision and new found love for colors that aren't black; (BTW: BLACK is a color, as a matter of fact, its all colors coming together in a beautiful abyss of chaos that still makes me swoon). 

This method was my preferred I think. SO many possibilities. I used these nifty Pentel Sparkle pens I got for Jul (I got a lot of glittery inks and things for Jul!), they are glitter pens but have multi-tones depending on the surface used and the medium or under colors. I think it was a cool effect, but i still want to try the simplicity of only silver or maybe rose gold. 

Abstract Murphy's Law Warm-Up - image 1 - student project


Abstract Murphy's Law Warm-Up - image 2 - student project


The last technique required some troubleshooting. My hands weren't as steady as I'd like and everything that could go wrong decided to do just that; from ink blobs because of too much pressure on my dip pen nib, to my Valejo WATERPROOF India Ink bleeding - you name it, I dealt with it. In the end I just went with it by adding a white stroke and then evening out the black outlines between the white stroke for a less "oops" look. ha! Oh, and we can also ignore the side of the piece to the left where I forgot to tape it off for a clean border, and the edge of the last piece done where the tape pulled a rather large piece of the paper up. Burnishing it with a bit of talcum powder made it significantly less in-your-face. 


In any case, I enjoyed the process and learned a lot. In the end, that's all that matters. These will probably go in my art journal with notes of what I learned. It's always fun to go back and look at first attempts of new projects and/or processes. 

Kalwynah Stryker
Folk & Watercolor Artist