Kamie Ulibarri

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Abstract Flower

I tried using the pen tool to draw these flowers that I like to sketch but it is tedious and I always waver between making them exact or more organic. I loved this new approach by not using the pen tool at all! It really helped to simplify the curves I was trying to use and also recreate similar elements more efficiently by using the distort tools. I'm excited to make more of my sketches into graphics! See some process images below! (I left out all the color palette dancing...)




I made all of the initial shapes using circles and then the bloat or pucker tool. I was really surprised everything lined up really well without much tinkering.


The petal shapes were a bit more tricky. I tried a couple tools and eventually settled on using a line segment (\) and then experimenting with the width tool. It took some getting used to create smooth curves but it was then easy to rotate and line up since the ends came to points.


I then used the spiral tool (had fun trying all the adjustments), adjusted the width of the path, then outlined the stroke. I set it on top of the petal and used the shape building tools to unite them. Rotated and copied it around.


I added a few more elements to the middle to complete the pattern better and then had fun with colors and outlines. I might look for the instructor's other class regarding textures. I think that would add fun dimension to this flower! I did leave out some dots and things from the original sketch . . . I have trouble deciding when something is "done". Either way, I had so much fun and am excited to incorporate these new tools into my design work!


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