Abstract Flower Wallpaper

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - student project

I got some new felt tip pens so I decided to draw some abstract flowers that I've been drawing forever. I tried to keep in mind the spacing and balance of colors/textures. I tend to have trouble admitting a project is done so I think I could have left a bit more distance between flowers.

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 1 - student project

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 2 - student project

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 3 - student project

It was very scary cutting up my drawings, and lining up everything took several tries. I also taped everything down before realizing my pattern would look better with a half-step up so that took some adjusting (which I believe ultimately led to the final patterns not lining up exactly).

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 4 - student project

The copier I used kept auto scaling and cutting off edges so my handmade wall paper doesn't line up really but I could still see the pattern repeat and that was really exciting! 

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 5 - student project

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 6 - student project

I then tried scanning in the original image and repeating it in illustrator. The pens are pretty bright in real life, but they were almost aggressively bright when I scanned them... Anyways, there were still gaps in the digital pattern but I'm very proud of my first try! Can't wait to make some more handmade patterns!

Abstract Flower Wallpaper - image 7 - student project


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