Abstract - Floral

Abstract - Floral - student project

Abstract - Floral - image 1 - student projectAbstract - Floral - image 2 - student projectAbstract - Floral - image 3 - student projectAbstract - Floral - image 4 - student project

Hi Marie Noelle. I finally made an attempt to follow your class  !!!

I enjoy creating abstract work with muted tones ever since i came across your work. Itried going out of my comfort zone by using indian ink with water colours in the first art work. I seem to be doing floral abstraction a lot  & never wanted to dive into florals as i thought , that could be the first thing that pops into one's mind, but I tell myself -  this interests me now. But i still try adding a bit of mystery with loose lines & forms to the piece.

I am still not sure if i am using water colours in the right way.


Please some feedback would be great. Thanks a ton!