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Ayan Sengupta




Abstract Art : Create a Background with Geometric Shapes

Just Imagine, and throw it in Photoshop ! That is actually what we will do in a very simple and efficient way. Then you can use your design as cover pictures for your magazine, or use it for your ipad cover, or mobile cover, simply use it as your wallpaper. 

We will make a abstract background picture using tetrahedrons, of different shapes and sizes. I will cover from how to create simple tetrahedron to create multiple objects, with fine detailing, shadows and glows, and you will learn a lot of other minor detailing features, which you can surely use in any of your projects

It starts with a simple  two tetrahedron, to a full background wallpaper




And here's my mobile back cover:



What You'll do :

You will choose, your preferable geomectric shape, and create an abstract art using the ways I will show in the tutorial. I will show you the easiest ways to do similar things, that will reduce your effort and save your time. FInally add something on your own, to make it more attractive, and purposeful. 

And finally why don't you use your design for your laptop skin, or maybe ipad cover ? Give it a go !


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