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Absolut Brush

I like these warm-ups. Very helpful. Drawing on tracing paper has a nice feel for me. I'm using two types of pens:

  1. Tombow for more contrast, but challenging for me
  2. Zebra WFSS4 - brush is stiffer, offers more control

I've found jetpens.com a good resource for purchasing pens.


Again, tracing paper, using a lined and angled guide sheet underneath to keep my letters straight, and consistently slanted. I like this letter style that I got from Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls kit Belle Calligraphy via Chronicle Books


It seems like a good idea to have a more formal brush script (see above), and a more informal one. I'm trying to adopt Andrea's, which is more upright, and looser, as my informal brush “font.” The control freak in me still prefers the zebra (in black), but I'm getting better, and a little more comfortable with the Tombow (in orange).



I'm in awe of the calligraphy on the new Absolut bottle, hand drawn by Luca Barcellona. So for the Words assignment, I tried to recreate it. It's so tight and clean on the bottle. Mine is a bit rough and sloppy. 



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